One & Only

I recently asked Moon what her favorite Yojijukugo ( 四字熟語 ) was and 唯一無二 (Yui Itsu Mu Ni) was her response. It translates to The One & Only, which is very appropriate for Moon. She is certainly the one and only Moon. In fact if two of her existed in the same space and time, I’m fairly certain the universe would implode.

The above example of Moon bundled up on the beach, with in appropriate footwear and a golf umbrella acting as a parasol is one I’ve seen multiple times. I’ve also seen her square dance by herself to bluegrass music while roasting a marshmallow. Both images highlight to me her one and only-ness.

For more information on Yojijukugo please check out my FIRST POST in the Yojijukugo series of Full Moon Manga.

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