Potluck Busy

Look, this addition is going to come off awfully judgy. There’s nothing I can do about that now. The comic’s been drawn and these things take too damn long for me to start a new one, or not post a completed piece.

My mother-in-law is awesome. She helps out with the kiddo, she cooks me a lunchbox every single work day and she feeds the rest of the family as well. She even helps out with cleaning around our house, in addition to keeping her own home spotless. So I can’t help but feel bad when she gets roped into being a personal chef while Moon and I lounge around the home “busying” ourselves with our hobbies.

Does that mean I’m going to learn how to cook and help reduce the workload? Absolutely not. So I guess it’s a case of having my sympathy in one hand and a wet fart in the other. We all know which one weighs more.

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