Artistic License

Going from complaining about not being able to draw a straight line directly to worrying about your artistic legacy and what price point to sell your works at in under 5 minutes is impressive. Moon is nothing if not supremely confident in her ability to achieve any goal she sets her mind to. It always amazes me, the sort of mental gymnastics she’s able to go through. To flip directly from point A to point Q, while passing all the necessary steps in between.

The above example is not unique either. Just last night she mentioned wanting to plant 10 acres of garden, despite the fact that she had just killed three out of three of her indoor basil plants. This grandiose decree also ignores the fact that she disdains direct sunlight, sweating and dirt.

This sort of mental gymnastics of other worldly proportions, these ridiculous leaps in logic, deserve their own term I think. It’s the mental equivalent of a cartwheel. Also, it is defined by Moon constantly putting the cart before the horse. Therefor I dub such a logic leap as a Moon Cart. So I have typed, so let it be.


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