Crackin’ Corn

This is the very first reader submitted Full Moon Moment that I’ve turned into a comic. I’ve decided to mark these sort of Full Moon Moments by placing the logo in a 5th floating panel in the middle of the strip.

I’m glad that this story was submitted, for while I HAD heard the story before, I completely forgot about it. Thus we all would have been deprived of this seminal moment in the life of Moon had the submission not been sent.

If you have your own Full Moon Moment you’d like to see turned into a comic, please e-mail it to me at:

In defense of Moon, moving to a new country is bound to have these sort of moments. I specifically remember thinking the wooden pretzel on a wand that was in my first Japanese apartment was some sort of Kenyan souvenir left behind by the previous inhabitants. Turns out it was for beating futons on the balcony. I didn’t even know futons had to be beaten! So in my book, stumbling across a food item that is not meant to be eaten is a lot less embarrassing.


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