Strange Button

When the button fell off my pants and left a clear mark of where it had been, I thought sewing it back on would be an easy task for my crafty wife. I was obviously a fool.

Had I actually used any of the knowledge I have gained of her over the years, I would have pinned a large red arrow to the exact spot I wanted the button sewn back on. Instead, I left it up to chance and she randomly sewed the button way off to the side, making them impossible to wear. I pointed this out to her and she held up the pants, looked them over and exclaimed “That’s so strange.”

This is the refrain Moon makes any time she doesn’t understand something. It’s amazing to me how things I take for as common knowledge fall under this category for her. You can’t fill up your car with any random type of gas. That’s so strange. Leaving the air conditioning on constantly will raise the utilities bill. That’s so strange.

Yes, our lives are full of strange things. I’m glad one of the strangest things in this world decided to spend her life with me.

After her first failed button sewing attempt, she simply shook her head and redid it (right in the stop where I pinned a large red arrow). “Happy wife, happy life”, right fellas? Well “Comfy pants, happy husband” may not have the same ring to it, but it’s equally true.

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