Full Moon Manga is what is known in Japan as a Yonkoma Manga ( 4コマ漫画 ), a “four cell comic”. I chose this format because it forces the illustrator to streamline ideas into a simple form. I think it’s been a good fit thus far.

Another thing that I think would be a good fit is Yonkoma Manga and Yojijukugo ( 四字熟語 ), “four-character idiomatic phrases”. When I was studying Japanese this was an area I always found interesting, a unique combination of Chinese characters and often culturally specific idioms. Four characters in the idiom, four cells in the manga? That’s just simple math right there.

In this first installment of Full Moon Yujijukugo I’ve chosen the term Kidoairaku (喜怒哀楽), which is often used to describe someone who is very emotional. I happen to live with two girls who fit that bill. So there is never a dull day in the house, each one is full of color and vitality.

Do you have any favorite Yojijukugo? If so, hit me up at Who knows, it may just inspire my next Full Moon Yojijukugo.

NOTE: Full Moon Yojijukugo will have this sort Logo filled border to further distinguish them from other entries.

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