Full Moon, Full Wallet

The title of this edition is a bit misleading at first. For when a snack attack hits in order to make Moon full, I’ve got to empty my wallet.

In the case of the above ridiculousness though, the title is apt. What I enjoyed most about this whole event, was what she did the following month. I pointed out that the moon was once again full, but that she hadn’t shaken her wallet at it yet. She mumbled something about having already changed into her pajamas and simply went to sleep instead.

She claims this is a Chinese myth, but I’m not sure I buy it. I’ve been around a lot of full moons and a lot of Chinese people as well. Never have I seen any of them shaking their wallets at said moon.

I suppose a case could be made though, that if one is dedicating time every single month to focus on money and make a routine for bringing it into their wallets (regardless of how bizarre said routine may seem) it cultivates mindfulness and could lead to success. Such determination in this pursuit could lead to similar focus in other monetary aspects of ones life and with that, wealth be attained.

That is of course, if you haven’t already changed into your pajamas first, giving up on the practice after a single try.

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