The Place Holder

Welcome one, welcome all to Full Moon Manga.  For the past year (June 2018 ~ May 2019) I have been doing a podcast on this site entitled ExplanAsian.  The tagline for which was “If it’s weird and it’s Asian and you don’t understand, listen to this podcast man.”  Over 52 weeks I attempted to tackle one mystery of the Far East after another.  In the end though, I realized there is nothing Asia has ever produced that is more mysterious than my wife, Moon.  There is also no mystery of which the solving would endow me a greater dividend than the one under the same roof as me.  So it is that I set out to unravel the enigmatic onion of feminine wiles that is Moon.  In the process I hope everyone will get a taste of the craziness I put up with on a daily basis.  If you can learn to enjoy that craziness even a fraction of what I do, then you’re sure to love reading this manga each and every week. As for the title of this manga, the Full Moon part is pretty self-explanatory, which is why I can explain it all by myself.

This manga is chock FULL of MOON moments, which I would define as something between a brain fart and an epileptic seizure.  I chose to refer to it as a MANGA instead of a comic with purpose as well.  The comics I grew up reading were full color and extremely detailed.  Even web comics these days can tend to be fairly detailed and highly colorful.  Manga on the other hand, is usually black and white and often printed on low quality paper, lending to an air of impermanence.  I realize this first trial comic is in color, but that is a result of me playing around with the drawing programs.  Who knows what color, if any will remain in future installments.  I expect both the character design and presentation of the comic to evolve over time, tapping into that magical air of impermanence.

This first installment is just a place holder, a way for me to create a new look for this web page and start down the Full Moon Manga path.  I intend for future editions to be based on real life “full Moon moments”.  If anyone reading this knows Moon personally and has a full Moon moment they’d like to share for future immortalization in manga form, please feel free to hit me up at:     

If nothing else, I’m sure it will bring me a belly full of laughter, as all full Moon moments do.  Until next week, keep on keeping it weird y’all.

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